Stud Type Power Terminal Blocks for 35 / 50 mm² wire

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£7.98 - £9.48 inc. VAT
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Stud Type Power Terminal Blocks for 35 / 50 mm² wire
TtecPTB35/50 is a power terminal block, suitable for 1.5 – 50.0mm2 wires.

TtecPTB series Terminal Blocks are preferred for applications that use wires of large cross section.

The Wire is crimped to a ring / fork lug and is screwed on to the flat current bar of the Terminal Block. Specially designed Mounting Feet holds the Terminal Block rigidly on to the Mounting Rail.

Two Lugs of the rated cross section can be connected to the Terminal Block, without sacrificing the safety of the Terminal Block.

In TtecPTB35/50SH Terminal Blocks a hinged protective cover makes the Terminal Block shock proof (finger safe) and has marker recess to accept marking tag.

The Terminal Blocks can be stacked together by pressing the adjacent Terminal Blocks firmly.

Adjacent terminals can be shorted by removing a thin wall partition and using 2 & 3 pole shorting system.

Extra Information

Terminal Type:
Stud Type
IEC Current Rating:
Wire Size (mm²):
1.5 - 50.0mm²
Number of Connections:
Number of Levels:
UL Current Rating:
Wire Size (AWG):
8 - 2 AWG
Downloadable pdf datasheets:
Terminal Colour: