Automated Systems

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Techna offers a range of Automated Systems that facilitate and ease the process of cable handling.

LINAP Series is one of the automated system Techna offers. It’s the Semi-Automatic high speed winding / unwinding machine that provides:
- Mobile Payoff (Unwinder) on rails
- Drum unrolling platform
- Software interface for automated operating cycle
- Units for 3000, 4000, 6000 & 10,000kg
- Performance +50% compared with basic machines
- Automatic layering
- Unwinding operation to fasten cable on the winder and recover remaining cable at end of cycle
- Remote control taking cable to the winder and recovery of remaining cable
- Automatic, compressed air controlled, cable stretching
- Winding cycle PLC controlled

AUTOMAT 300 Series is also one of the automated system that Techna offers.
The AUTOMAT 300 Series is a fully automated cable handling system. The modular work platforms provide:
- Payoff with automatic high-adhesion grippers
- Automatic electronic cable stretching control
- Drums supplied on pallets from the side, or from the front, by fork-lift or transfer conveyor
- Horizontal & vertical guide rollers, with automatic opening & closing, for correct cable feeding
- Automatic cable diameter measurement
- Combination of winding & coiling (automatic changing of winder functions - only one winder required)
- Keyboard position of drums (U6 to U16)
- Automated coiler with cable strapping - 3 x 120°
- Automatic drum marking
- Automatic conveyor supplying three drums for processing and replacing three drums (no standstill time)
- Can be integrated with customer order / service software
- Hardware for remote control system inspection
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