Shaft / Spool Retaining Collars

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Techna offer the QuikLoc and U-Clip Shaft and Spool Retaining Collars that allow single handed fitting and removal without the need for tools. Applications include the retaining of spools and general quick-release clamping requirements. Metric and Imperial sizes are available in diameters from 6mm to 76mm and 1/4” to 3” Ø.

QuikLoc Spool Retaining Collars

Our QuikLoc Shaft Collars give you instant reel or spool changeovers for almost every application that is wound on or stripped from spools or reels. The QuikLoc locks onto the shaft by pulling the ring section out of the housing, sliding it down the shaft against the spool or reel, then when you release the ring section it will lock the QuikLoc into place. To slide off the shaft, grasp the ring section and firmly draw the QuikLoc unit away from the spool or reel, which will easily release and slide off the shaft quickly and safely. QuikLoc advantages includes:

Cuts spool changeover time up to 80%
Holds reels and spools firmly in place
Rugged, all-steel construction for long life
Eliminates scored or chewed up shafts
One handed operation
No tools required
Metric sizes fit shafts from 6mm to 76mm diameter
Imperial sizes fit shafts from 1/4" to 3" diameter

U-Clip Shaft Collars

Our U-Clip Shaft Collars use a clamping ring which is offset to the shaft thereby providing clamping force. Like a bushing, the U-Clip is pushed forward against the spool or other component to be held and automatically locks into position. To release, you just pull the clamping ring towards the user or on the larger models you can press the side button for free movement. U-Clip advantages include:

Allows fast and easy spool changeover
Usage on hardened and soft surfaces
Self-locking, symmetrical design
One handed operation
No tools required
Corrosion protected
Resistant against vibration
Available for shaft diameters from 8mm to 35mm

For more information on our Shaft / Spool Retaining Collars, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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