Push Buttons, Switches and Indicators

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Techna offers an extensive range of 22.5mm non-illuminated push buttons, selector switches and emergency stop buttons as well as 22.5mm LED indicator pilot lights and pulsing sounders, with compact 16mm LED indicator lamps for applications where space is at a premium.

We can also supply a range of accessories that can be used with our Ptec range of push buttons and switches and our LEDtec range of LED indicator pilot lights.

Push Buttons and Switches

We offer a wide range of Ptec Series Push Buttons and Switches, including 22.5mm diameter push buttons, key selectors, emergency stop buttons and selector switches that are available in either corrosion resistant plastic for increased durability and longer mechanical life or traditional heavy duty metal. Our Ptec range of push buttons and switches have a compact design and offer quick and easy installation.

We also offer a range of accessories for our Ptec Series of push buttons and switches, including normally open and normally closed contact blocks, a variety of legend plates for use with 22.5mm actuators, a spare key set for our key selector switches, empty plastic enclosures for up to three 22.5mm actuators and emergency stop plates.

LED Indicator and Pulsing Sounders

Techna’s range of LEDtec LED Indicator Pilot Lights utilises multi-chip technology to provide bright and even colour at low power consumption. Our long lasting, efficient LED indicators feature quick, reliable and easy installation with back of panel lock-nut and captive screw terminals.

Our LEDtec range includes 16mm and 22.5mm single colour LED pilot lights, dual colour 22.5mm LED indicators, 22.5mm LED indicators with test circuit, 22.5mm LED indicators with pulsing sounder and BA9S bayonet LED bulbs.

We also offer LEDtec handtools, specifically designed to fit our 22.5mm and 16mm LEDtec LED Indicator Pilot Lights to make securing of the rear locking ring quick and effortless.

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