Hysteresis Capping Clutches

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Our advanced cylindrical magnetic Hysteresis Capping Clutches can retrofit to virtually any OEM capping machine via top and bottom adapters. They offer a number of benefits and advantages over OEM and other capping clutch designs, providing flexibility and consistency in operation along with minimal requirements for maintenance and operator adjustment.

Our capping clutches are made from stainless steel and are fully sealed for easy cleaning and wash-down, making them ideal for bottle capping lines and similar capping applications that can be found in beverage, food and pharmaceutical environments.

Set Screw or Toolless Torque Adjuster

All our hysteresis capping clutches are available with either a set screw or toolless torque adjuster. If the required torque is going to be the same or adjusted infrequently, choose the set screw option, which you tighten to lock the adjuster to the required torque. If the torque setting is going to be adjusted frequently, choose the toolless torque adjuster option, which is used by pushing down and rotating to set the required torque and then releasing to lock.

Low or Standard Capping Inertia Options

Capping inertia is created by the portion of the clutch that rotates and stops with the cap. Low capping inertia has been developed for high speed beverage capping and delivers very consistent removal torques throughout a wide speed range when coupled with a light weight chuck. A standard capping inertia is suitable and available for higher torque ranges.

Hysteresis Capping Clutch Benefits

Ultra smooth, precise disengagement at set torque with no ratcheting or jerking
Torque range of 0.4 - 10.2Nm for capping of beverages, home care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other items
Linear adjustment over full torque range
Torque adjuster operates through 360 degrees
Low inertia heads for consistent results independent of speed
Hygienic stainless steel construction
Fully sealed for easy wash-down
Designed for aseptic applications
Long life design with minimal maintenance
Retrofit to virtually any OEM machine via top and bottom adaptors
Quad Seals available for certain models for use with pressurised air applications
Optional logo to customer specification

For more information on our Hysteresis Capping Clutches, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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