Rimtec RCC900.SI Standard Inertia Capping Clutch

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Rimtec RCC900.SI Standard Inertia Capping Clutch
Techna's Hysteresis style Bottle Capping Clutch disengages very smoothly applying highly consistent torque onto the bottle caps. This smooth disengagement within a fully sealed unit increases the life of your machine. Techna's standard design, featuring customised upper and lower flanges, can replace every OEM's headset currently available. Unlike most other disc-style hysteresis clutches, our Techna bottle capping clutch has high resolution and a linear adjustment mechanism with a full 360 degree range.

• Available in medium and high torque
• Inner magnets jacketed in stainless steel. Optional jacketting of
outer magents on medium torque model
• 15mm Ø maximum through hole

• Very smooth disengagement
• Accurate torque (+/- 10% or less)
• Low inertia, allowing use for higher speeds, e.g. 450 rpm
• Complete stainless-steel construction
• Fully sealed for washdown
• Unique toolless torque adjustment
• Fully linear torque adjustment for 360 degrees or full rotation
• Same clutch size suitable for both lower and higher torque ranges
• Long life and less wear on machine parts
• Low maintenance
• Can be customised for direct replacement of OEM headsets

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