Control Switches

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Techna offer a variety of configurable automotive dashboard control switches, including Dimmer Switches, Wiper/Washer Switches and Mirror Rotate Switches, that are suitable for commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment and construction vehicles.

Our range of snap-in mount automotive control switches represent a dynamic breakthrough in dashboard technology, with their superior design, performance and functionality that assure compliance with the most stringent customer requirements.

Dimmer Control Switches

The LD-Series Dimmer Control Switches feature fully programmable circuitry that can control minimum and maximum illumination levels and the number of steps from total dim to full bright. The momentary ratchet design of these dimmer switches allow for programming of illumination intensity variation speed, provides intuitive operator recognition and avoids inadvertent actuation. The LD-Series dimmer control switches have a robust design that protects critical internal components, minimises electrical connections and the need for extra wires and are offered in a choice of current ratings, dimming rates, colours, actuator styles, illumination colours and laser-etched legends.

Wiper/Washer Control Switches

Our LW-Series Wiper/Washer Control Switches combine two switches into one self-contained unit allowing effortless control of both wash and wipe functions from a single location. These wiper/washer switches have a variety of features and options, including continuous low and high-speed wiper positions, six intermittent delay intervals ranging from 3 seconds to 18 seconds, a push-to-wash button and an LED night light indicator, which together provides the flexibility to meet most vehicle interior cab design. The LW-Series wiper/washer control switches are available for 14 or 28 volt operation and can be adapted to single or dual relay systems.

Mirror Rotate Control Switches

Our LMR-Series Mirror Rotate Control Switches provides the means to control one or two mirrors and up to four separate motors from one easy to operate 4 axis joy stick style control actuator. These mirror rotate switches feature an internal boot and potted wire leads to protect critical components from dust and moisture. When our LMR-Series mirror rotate control switches are used in conjunction with the LD-Series dimmer control switches and the LW-Series wiper/washer control switches, it provides a dynamic solution to most dashboard control needs within the transportation industry.

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