Straighteners and Guide Rolls

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For over 45 years, Techna has worked in partnership with Witels-Albert, one of the World’s leading manufacturers of straightening and guiding equipment, including wire straighteners, guide rolls and drive units, for wire, strip, cable, tube and rope. This long relationship brings together a combination of exceptional products, top quality engineering, extensive R&D and a wealth of expert technical and applications knowledge.

Wire Straighteners

We offer one of the World’s largest ranges of Wire Straighteners with over 300 standard roll straightening units and customised units available. Whatever your straightening requirements, whether wire, tube, cable, wire rope or strip, we have a solution.

Guide Roll Assemblies

We can supply a wide range of Guide Roll Assemblies for guiding wire, strip, cable, tube and rope through production lines and processes. Our guide roll assemblies are available in a variety of configurations, offering flexible solutions and covering virtually every possible material guiding need.

Cable Stripping and Finishing Tools

Our range of Cable Stripping and Finishing Tools are suitable for both manual operations and driven systems. We can supply a variety of cable stripping systems that cover diameters from 6mm to 100mm, offering solutions to virtually any cable stripping requirement.

Drive Units

Our extensive range of Drive Units cover a wide variety of applications. Our range includes caterpillar units, two and four roll drives and specially designed units to transport strip materials and minimise edge bow. Our drive units are suitable for use with a multitude of materials from plastic tube to hard-drawn steel wire and strip.

Pre-formers and Postformers

We offer a wide range of Pre-forming Heads for stranded wire, armouring and general wire rope manufacture in standard or custom-built designs. We also offer a wide range of Postformers from three to thirteen rolls and suitable for diameters up to 100mm.

Spare Parts and Accessories

We have a full range of Witels Albert Spare Parts and Accessories available, that are suitable for most of our wire straighteners, guide roll assemblies and drive units.

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