Main Switch Isolators

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Techna offer a range of Main Switch Isolators, available in 1 to 4 pole and with 100A or 125A current ratings. Our GtecISO Series of main switch isolators are suitable for mounting on DIN-Rail and can be used inside our Dtec Distribution Boxes and WINtec IP67 Protection Windows.

What are Main Switch Isolators?

A Main Switch Isolator, also referred to simply as an isolator switch or disconnector switch, is an essential manually operated device used to provide a visible and reliable way of physically disconnecting and isolating the electrical power supply to a specific circuit, a particular piece of electrical equipment or an entire electrical system. When a main switch isolator is open, it completely disconnects the circuit from the power source, ensuring that no electrical energy flows into the circuit.

Our range of GtecISO Main Switch Isolators are designed to disconnect and isolate electrical equipment or electrical circuits, so that workers can safely perform crucial tasks such as maintenance, inspections, repairs, emergencies or installations without being exposed to live electrical currents.

The GtecISO range of main switch isolators are an essential safety device, which play an important role in ensuring electrical safety to protect personnel from getting an electric shock, electrical equipment from getting damaged and to protect from other potential hazards. Our GtecISO main switch isolators are available in 1 to 4 pole and with current ratings 100A or 125A.

Main Switch Isolators vs Circuit Breakers

Main switch isolators are manually operated devices used to isolate an electrical circuit from its power source to provide safety during maintenance, repairs or in emergency situations. Circuit breakers, on the other hand, are automatic protective devices used to interrupt the flow of electrical current in a circuit in response to abnormal conditions, such as overcurrent, short circuit or earth leakage (ground faults).

For more information on our GtecISO Series of Main Switch Isolators, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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