Rolling Ring Linear Drives

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The Uhing traverse is a form of rolling ring linear drive, uniquely operating by converting the unidirectional rotary Motion, of a round, plain/unthreaded, hardened shaft into totally backlash-free, automatically reciprocating/reversing, bi-directional linear travel.
They operate on the principle of pivotable ball bearing based rolling rings, the specially crowned running surfaces of which are pressed against a plain (ungrooved) hardened shaft. By positioning the rolling rings at an offset angle (pitch) to the shaft they operate like nuts on a threaded bar, however, because of their ability to swivel, they have alternating left-hand and right-hand pitch (providing reciprocating motion). By varying the pitch angle, the speed of travel can be set at finely stepped increments (with different speeds in the two directions of travel if required) or can be set at zero (standstill). Reversal is effected via a reversal mechanism, which is connected to the rolling rings and which makes contact with adjustable end-stops. The reversal mechanism enables the unit to traverse back and forth (or up and down) along the shaft without needing to change the direction or speed of drive shaft rotation.
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