TR11 Series Thermal Circuit Breakers

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Techna’s range of TR11 Series Thermal Circuit Breakers are single pole ‘Push to Reset’ thermally operated overload protectors, which provide reliable, trip-free operation on overloads and short circuits, within the maximum breaking capacity specified. The latching trip mechanism maintains a high contact force preventing contact bounce and reducing the risk of contact welding.

Our TR11 Series of thermal circuit breakers are small and compact in size and are available in current ratings from 0.5A to 16A and are suitable for protecting a wide range of applications, such as single phase motors, transformers, UPS, power strips and solenoids etc., against damage due to overcurrent conditions.

The TR11 Series Thermal Circuit Breakers come with a central mounting nut and are available with three different button print configurations, with vertical amp rating identification, horizontal amp rating identification or no button print options.

Other mounting types, such as a built-in mount, snap fit or wing clips, are possible on request and subject to a minimum order quantity. Please contact Techna for more information.

TR11 Thermal Circuit Breaker Accessories

We can also supply TR11DC1 Dust Caps for our range of TR11 Series thermal circuit breakers. These clear rubber dust caps screw onto the thermal circuit breakers to protect the button against dirt and dust.

For more information on our TR11 Series of Thermal Circuit Breakers, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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