RtecUL 10kA RCBOs

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Techna’s RtecUL 10kA Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overcurrent Protection (RCBOs) are UL Listed as Ground Fault Sensing and Relaying Equipment to Standard 1053, File E475399. Our RtecUL are combined Equipment Ground Fault Protection Relays and Overload Protectors, featuring dual pole switching (live and neutral disconnect) and designed to provide protection against short circuits, overloads, AC ground faults (residual current faults) as well as pulsating DC ground faults and has an interrupting capacity of 10kA. The RtecUL are also rated to UL 1077, File E243696, as a Supplementary Overload Protector.

Our range of RtecUL 10kA Equipment Ground Fault Protection Relays with inbuilt Overload Protection are available in 2 pole or 4 pole, in current ratings from 5A to 40A, with residual current sensitivity from 10mA to 500mA and are offered in trip curves B, C and D.

The RtecUL equipment ground fault protection relays with inbuilt overload protection are suitable for mounting on DIN-Rail and can also be used inside our Dtec Distribution Boxes and our WINtec IP67 Protection Windows.

RtecUL 10kA RCBOs Technical Specification

Short Circuit Capacity: 10kA
Number of Poles: 2 or 4
Current Range: 5A - 40A
Rated Voltage: 120 - 277 Vac (2 Pole), up to 480Y/277 Vac (4 Pole)
Residual Current Sensitivity: 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA or 500mA
Frequency Range: 50Hz - 60Hz
Trip Curves: B, C and D
Mounting: DIN-Rail
Electrical Life: 6,000 Switching Operations
Mechanical Life: 10,000 Switching Operations
Cable Size: 1mm2 - 25mm2
Terminal Tightening Torque: 2Nm - 2.8Nm
Standards: UL 1053, UL 1077

For more information on our RtecUL Series of 10kA Equipment Ground Fault Protection Relays with inbuilt Overload Protection (RCBOs), click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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