Towing, Measuring and Cutting Machines

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Techna offer a fully automatic Towing, Measuring and Cutting Machine to facilitate and ease the process of unwinding, measuring and cutting cable up to 40mm diameter and up to 10,000 programmable lengths. We also offer a Towing System with Automatic Reel Unwinding which has an integrated shaft for mounting reels up to 1000mm diameter.

MTA-1 Automatic Towing, Measuring and Cutting Machine

The MTA-1 Series automatically measures and cuts cable between 5mm to 40mm Ø to the required length after unwinding it from drums, reels or coils which are stored on cable storage racking. This automatic towing, measuring and cutting machine provides:

Variable speed towing
Up to 10,000 programmable cable lengths
Self-locking turning wheels
Cable carrying rollers
Cable lengths of 1500mm to 4000mm, which are produced at a rate 600 to 800 pieces per hour
Optional cutter for high pressure hydraulic flexible pipes (5mm to 30mm Ø or 5mm to 46mm Ø)
Optional cutter for plastic pipe and gaskets

GTSA-7 Towing System with Automatic Reel Unwinding

The GTSA-7 Series towing system can automatically unwind cable from reels that are mounted on the built-in shaft and feed the cable into equipment, such as, cutting or cable stripping machines. This system has tension control to ensure that the cable is unwound and fed evenly and smoothly, solving any problems caused by uneven pulling forces that can happen during unwinding. This towing system with automatic unwinding provides:

Reduced overall dimension due to the integrated cable reel mounting shaft
Quick and Easy changing of reels between 600mm to 1000mm Ø
Variable speed unwinding unit
In-built accumulator that gives accurate tension control without increasing line length
Minimum 3kg pulling capacity required (for pulling capacity less than 3kg, the MTS Towing System is available)
Anti-blocking system that allows disentanglement of badly wound cables
Optional shaft available for small reels

MTS Towing System (used with GTSA-7 Series)

Techna can also supply the MTS Towing System, which is placed in front of the GTSA-7 Towing System to allow it to be used with machines that have 1-3kg pulling capacity.

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