USB Chargers for Commercial Vehicles

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Techna’s USB chargers are available with single or dual ports and are suitable for charging compatible electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, e-readers and gaming devices. They deliver fast charging times, even in extreme temperatures and are designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions typically found in commercial vehicle, marine and military applications.

Our range of automotive single and double port USB chargers feature snap-in mounting for an industry standard panel cut out and innovative spring-loaded sealed access doors that automatically close to cover and seal each port when not in use.

Single Port USB Chargers

Our CV-Series Single Port USB Chargers are designed to charge electronic devices compatible with USB 2.0 Type A or USB 3.1 Type C, depending on the configuration. These 3.6A, 18W USB chargers can deliver fast charging times in temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, making them ideal for various commercial vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, golf carts, military vehicles and marine equipment.

The innovative snap-in panel mount automotive CV-Series USB Chargers have a green LED on the front to indicate that charging is in progress and feature a spring-loaded access door that automatically closes to safeguard its electronics, ensuring prolonged safe and reliable operation. These single port USB chargers also provide IP64 sealing protection when the access door is closed.

Dual Port USB Chargers

Our V-Series Dual Port USB Chargers are designed to charge electronic devices compatible with USB 2.0. These automotive dual port USB chargers provide a total current of 3.15A, deliver fast charging times in temperatures from -40˚C to +80˚C and are most popular for use in commercial vehicles, agricultural and lawn machinery, military equipment and marine applications.

These innovative V-Series USB Chargers safeguards its electronics with integrated overcurrent and thermal overload protection, as well as optional load dump circuitry. Additionally, these dual port USB chargers feature a green LED that illuminates when charging and double torsion spring-loaded curved or square access doors that close automatically to protect its electronics. When these access doors are closed, it provides IP65 (with the curved access doors) or IP64 (with the square access doors) sealing protection.

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