Residual Current Device + Overcurrent Protection

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An RCBO offers the capabilities of both an MCB and RCCB in a single package. The RCBO thus becomes a circuit protection device combining earth leakage (ground fault) protection with overload and short circuit protection, to disconnect the incoming power from the connected device(s) in the event of a fault.

Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overload (RCBOs) are used for circuit protection on a wide range of applications on a commercial or industrial site. They offer a key advantage over the historical RCCB & several MCBs combination in that by using individual RCBOs on each circuit only a single circuit will be turned off if an earth leak is detected. RCBOs feature residual current sensitivity from 10mA, through the most common 30mA and also in 100mA, 300mA and even some 500mA versions.

As the RCBO includes overcurrent and short circuit protection it must be rated to the correct nominal circuit current (as you would with an MCB). Nominal current ratings from 6A to 40A are offered with both 6kA and 10kA short circuit ratings available.

There are various package types for the RCBO products. The most common are 2 pole (live and neutral), 2 module width.
4 pole (three phase & neutral), 4 module width.
2 pole (live and neutral), single module width (often found in consumer units);
2 pole (live and neutral), single module, compact height
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