Wire Spoolers

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Techna’s range of Wire Spoolers offer high precision wire winding and can be used with a variety of spool designs and materials. The production of coreless coils is also possible with the use of an expanding mandrel. The line speeds can be up to 1,000m/min, reducing the payback period of the investment by allowing for high production volumes.

Options available include:

Static spool with traverse to control layer winding
Traversing spool with pitch and stroke width control via control panel
Dancers for speed synchronisation and tension regulation
Precise material guiding, which can include guidance of the wire to the winding point on the reel via a moving guide wheel
Faultless layer winding for square and rectangular wire cross sections
Automatic measuring of empty reels via optical sensors
Lifting tables for loading and unloading

SMH Series - Cantilever Spool Support

Our SMH Series Wire Spoolers are single sided cantilever spoolers, suitable for reel diameters from 800mm to 1600mm, with a gross load capacity from 1000kg to 4000kg. These spoolers allow easy access when changing the reels and are used when the bore of the reels is big enough for them to be mounted on a stable spindle. This means that coil bore and weight must be in an appropriate relation to one another.

SMH-Pi Series - 2-Sided Spool Support

Our SMH-Pi Series Wire Spoolers are a 2-sided spool support which allows for larger payloads and higher winding speeds than our SMH Series. These spoolers are suitable for reel diameters from 1000mm to 1600mm, with a gross load capacity from 1500kg to 6000kg.

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