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Horizontal Reel Payoff
- With cantilever or double-sided reel Take-Up
- For reels from 500kg to 4,000kg
-Optionally with oscillation for straight input into the line, particularly useful if flat wires have to be rolled in two passes

Horizontal Coil Payoff
- Driven carrier roller to support the wire coil
- Hydraulically adjusted bending rolls for adjustment of the wire
- Integrated roll adjustment mechanism with hydraulic setting
- Optionally available with a double Payoff
- Wire diameter 12 to 32mm

Rotating Coil
- Driven unwinding plate for mounting of wire carriers
- Speed controlled or with dancer regulation
- Wire diameter 5 to 16mm

Static Vertical Coil Payoff
- For pulling off round wire from pallets, carriers or out of drums
- Continuous operation by welding the ends of the wire together while the line is running
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