Large Take-Ups / Coilers

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Techna offer a range of Large Take-Up / Coilers, which include a series of motorised take-ups / coilers and an automated high-speed take-up / coiler. Both series are supplied complete with a length measuring device.

Our motorised take-ups / coilers are suitable for drums up to 950mm diameter and include versions with either 800mm or 1000mm diameter retractable coiling heads. The automated high-speed take-up / coiler is suitable for drums up to 3,000kg capacity and uses an internal computer to control the automatic functions, such as, cable layering, speed and lifting, lowering and opening of the arms.

OE-VE Motorised Take-Ups / Coilers

The OE-VE Series are a range of motorised take-ups / coilers that can handle drums up to 950mm diameter. They come complete with the OA-10Q-60 Measuring Device, that is suitable for measuring cables between 5mm - 60mm diameter. The OE-VE-R includes an 800mm diameter retractable coiling head and the OV-VE-R-10 includes a 1000mm diameter retractable coiling head. These motorised take-ups / coilers provide:

Complete with measuring device
Safety guards to CE standards
Mounted on steerable wheels with foot brake
Variable speed between 0 - 70 rpm
Expanding core from 320mm to 600mm diameter
Versions with 800mm or 1000mm diameter retractable coiling heads
Battery driven model available

AVOMAT 16 Automated High-Speed Take-Up / Coiler

Our AVOMAT 16 Series is an automated high-speed take-up / coiler that can handle drums up to 3,000kg capacity. It has an internal computer that controls the fully automated functions and can interface with customers management systems to communicate cutting data. The AVOMAT 16 automated functions include:

High-speed winding, up to 240 rpm
Cable layering
Speed increase and decrease
Work constant speed
Opening and closing of the measuring head rollers
Cable length measurement
Lifting, lowering and opening of arms
Cable cutting
Keyboard control of drum height
Data transmission to main PC
Permanent, idle-running, side collapsible coiling head
Approved measuring and cutting head for cable between 5mm and 60mm diameter

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