T16 Series Thermal Circuit Breakers

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Techna’s range of T16 Series Thermal Circuit Breakers are single pole ‘Push to Reset’ circuit breakers based on a proven snap-acting bimetallic thermal sensing element system, that accurately senses overload conditions and interrupts the flow of the current. The resettable actuator mechanism then remains disengaged until manually reset.

Our T16 Series of thermal circuit breakers are available in a wide range of current ratings from 3A to 45A and are suitable for a diverse range of applications. All our T16 thermal circuit breakers are carefully calibrated and tested to ensure reliable performance under a variety of operating conditions.

Our Standard T16 thermal circuit breakers include a long neck with a M11 thread, a hex nut and a knurl nut. We have a T16S version available, which is based on the standard T16 thermal circuit breaker, but with screw terminals. We can also offer a T16HC (high collar) version, which feature a high collar, a short neck and a single nut. Additional versions with multiple bushing and terminal tab type options are available to order.

T16 Thermal Circuit Breaker Accessories

We also offer various accessories for our range of T16 thermal circuit breakers, such as, dust caps, black plastic nameplates and various mounting hardware, including hex nuts, knurl nuts and integrated knurl nuts.

For more information on our T16 Series of Thermal Circuit Breakers, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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