Cable Handling Equipment

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Techna is a supplier of one of Europe’s most extensive range of cable handling equipment, such as, Shaft Take-Ups, Pintle Take-Ups, Shaft Payoffs, Pintle Payoffs, Coilers & De-Coilers, Automated Cable Handling Systems, Cable Installation Equipment and Cable Storage Racking. By combining one of the many different machine configurations with a Towing, Measuring or Cutting machine, you can increase product throughput significantly. This can lead to significant cost savings in production and time.

Cable Installation Equipment

Techna offers a range of user-friendly solutions for installing cable, such as Anti-Tangle Cassette Systems that use a pressure plate to stop cable becoming tangled and Nylon Rod Shooters that can be fitted to virtually any electric drill and incorporate a 20 metre nylon rod which can be shot into or pulled out of conduits.

Small Coilers and De-Coilers

Our small Coiler and De-Coiler range includes both motorised and non-motorised options with a wide variety of mounting options including stand, bench and trolley mountings. The coilers and de-coilers are available in various sizes for coils up to 1200mm diameter.

Take-Ups / Coilers

We can provide large motorised and automated Take-Ups / Coilers for drums up to 3,000kg capacity, with our full range of Shaft or Pintle Take-Ups / Coilers being suitable for drums up to 10,000kg capacity. The Take-Ups and Coilers are offered in many different configurations with various accessories, such as, coiling heads, disc brakes with calipers and motor driven wheels.

Payoffs / Unwinders

A full range of Shaft or Pintle Payoffs / Unwinders are suitable for drums up to 10,000kg capacity. They are available in many different configurations and can be customised with various accessory options, such as, coiling heads, disc brakes with calipers and motor driven wheels.

Automated Cable Handling Systems

We offer a range of Semi-Automatic and Fully Automated Cable Handling Systems that facilitate and ease the process of cable handling by including drum loading, cable de-reeling, measuring, cutting, coil strapping and final ejecting in one automated work platform. These automated cable handling systems can handle drums up to 2600mm diameter, with the semi-automatic system handling drums up to 10,000kg capacity and the fully automated system handling drums up to 5,000kg capacity.

Cable Storage Racking

To complement our large range of Coilers, De-Coilers, Take-ups and Payoffs, we have an extensive range of Cable Storage solutions with modular racking for small coils, palletised drums and a modular racking system up to 5.8m high, 5 storage levels and up to 10,000kg capacity per bay.

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