Wire Drawing Cones, Capstans and Accessories

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Techna provides an extensive range of replacement machinery components and ancillary products for Wire and Rope Drawing. Replacement ceramic, ceramic-composite and hardened-steel Drawing Rings, Cones and Capstans are available for a wide range of drawing machines, including Niehoff, Henrich, Herborn, Samp and Syncro, providing flexible options for machinery maintenance and improvement.

Wire Drawing Components for:

High Wear Resistance
Non Ferrous Metals
Steel Cord Wires
Copper, Copper Plated and Fine Wires
Steel Wire and Cord, Soft Aluminium Wires and Jewellery Wire

Pulleys, Rollers and Wire Guides

In addition to our Wire Drawing Components, we are able to offer an extensive range of ceramic, ceramic-groove and ceramic-coated Pulleys and Rollers, both with and without bearings, to enable efficient and smooth routing of wires and ropes through your processes. Optional diamond-polished or ultra-low friction finishes are available on request.

We also have a wide variety of ceramic Wire Guides including Eyelets, Rings, Bars, Tubes, Bushings, Guides, Rods, Rolls and Jets in high purity Alumina and Zirconia ceramics.

For more information, click here to download a pdf of the Wire Drawing Components datasheet.

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