Automated Winding System

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Techna offer the automated Uhing Motion Drive® winding system, the latest innovation from Uhing based on a modified Rolling Ring Drive, which is controlled by sensors and an electronic control unit programmed with custom software. As both the software and hardware have been engineered together, they are perfectly matched to each other.

One advantage of the Uhing Motion Drive® is the fact that since the drive’s stroke width is stored, it is simple to adapt a given winder to another material, another spool or even both at the push of a button. This significantly reduces set up time, cutting down on process costs as well as errors.

It is also possible to input and control parameters of speed, action / reversal points and traversing widths for maximum flexibility and customised winding patterns.

Uhing Motion Drive® Function

The automated Uhing Motion Drive® winding system was designed in particular for winding and traversing processes in the wire and cable industry, as well as for handling and XY gantry systems. Other possible applications are general drive technology processes where a linear motion is required within limits specified by the respective systems.

Uhing Motion Drive® Advantages

One system to operate the widest range of spool types, such as, rectangular, bi-conical, single conical, etc.
Freely definable winding patterns
Spool types can be stored
Robust and reliable rolling ring drive technology
The Uhing Motion Drive® also offers all the benefits of the tried and tested rolling ring drive technology
No more calibration and test cycles for winding applications
Internal detection / elimination of errors
Multi-station systems are possible
Mechanically compatible with conventional rolling ring drives, as they can be converted
Constant speed with different shaft speeds, or different speeds with constant shaft speed
Freely definable motion programmes
Definable action / reversal points
All components compliant with industry standards
Integration into customer’s machine controller is possible
Flexibly adjustable, as nearly all special rolling ring drive variants can be implemented

For more information on our Uhing Motion Drive®, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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