Rotary Switches

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Techna offer a range of General Purpose Rotary Switches, Contura Rotary Switches and Rheostat Switches. Our general purpose single pole rotary switches are suitable for applications that require multi-position speed controls, our sealed double pole Contura rotary switches are designed for maximum performance and reliability and our multi-position rheostat switches are designed for vehicle lighting control.

700/800-Series Rotary Switches

Our general purpose 4-position 700-Series Rotary Switches and 8-position 800-Series Rotary Switches feature a nylon actuator in a metal clad construction. These rotary switches utilise a self-cleaning wiping action and a silver plated contact system. The 700-Series and 800-Series rotary switches are available in 1 pole, from 1A to 6A, UL and CSA certified and are typically used in applications such as industrial control, marine and small appliances that require multi-position speed controls, for example, electric fans.

V-Series Contura Rotary Switches

The V-Series Contura Rotary Switches are designed for maximum performance, reliability and with features from the widely popular V-Series Contura Rocker Switches. These rotary switches are available in latching (maintained) and momentary circuit options and features a sturdy knob construction, up to three separate LEDs and fits in an industry standard panel opening. Internally, these rotary switches use a patented mechanism that translates rotary to linear motion, which allows for common switch functionality and terminal connections with the V-Series rocker version and requires no harness change. A secondary CAM, which helps drive the mechanism, provides definitive detent positions and prevents the switch from stopping between positions, while improving tactile feel.

Our V-Series Contura Rotary Switches are available in 2 pole and rated from 0.4A to 20A. They also feature an innovative PC board that supports the LED and surface mount resistors and have IP67 sealing protection above panel by utilising LED and actuator stem seals. Together, these features make our V-Series rotary switches one of the best choice available in the market today.

CVR-Series Rheostat Switches

The CVR-Series Rheostat Switches are configurable three or four position rheostat switches designed for vehicle lighting control for 12VDC and 24VDC systems. These automotive rheostat switches are made with durable thermoplastic materials and silver plated brass terminals for reliable operation in commercial vehicles, such as work trucks, agricultural equipment and construction equipment. Our snap-in front panel mount CVR-Series rheostat dimmer switches are available with or without white backlighting.

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