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Techna offer a comprehensive range of electromechanical Switches, from rocker switches to battery disconnect switches as well as a range of digital switching products, that feature all the latest CAN and LIN J1939 technology for advanced HMI and dashboard systems.

Our switches are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and functionality options, including circuit configurations, AC and DC ratings, insulated and water shedding constructions, termination options, mounting options, custom colours and imprinting and are suitable for numerous applications, including automotive, marine and military.

Rocker Switches

We offer an extensive range of illuminated and non-illuminated snap-in mounted Rocker Switches, available in 1 to 4 pole, with many styles of solid coloured, translucent, two colour and paddle actuators. Our rocker switches provide multiple choices for size, style, illumination, circuit, and termination options. Custom colours and legends are also available for most of our rocker switch series.

Our rocker switch range includes the industry standard sealed V-Series Contura range, which are certified to IP66/IP68. These sealed rocker switches offer complete protection against dust and prolonged spray and submersion under pressure and are recognised to UL1500 Ignition Protection for marine products.

Toggle Switches

We offer a wide range of Toggle Switches available in 1 to 4 pole and up to 20A. Our toggle switches offer a variety of nylon and metal toggle styles, as well as illuminated toggles. Heavy duty toggle switches are also available, as well as high temperature snap-in toggle switches. Certifications include UL, CSA and VDE.

Push Button Switches

Our wide range of Push Button Switches are bushing mount in single and double pole configurations with ratings from 1A to 20A. Our push button switches are available in a variety of nylon and metal styles with actuation force ranging from light action 113g, suitable for finger operated applications, to heavy duty 3.6kg, ideal for foot pedal type applications. They are also UL and CSA certified.

Rotary Switches

Our multi-position Rotary Switches feature a nylon actuator in a metal clad construction along with a self-cleaning silver plated contact design. These rotary switches are single pole, rated from 1A to 6A, UL and CSA certified and used in applications requiring multi-position speed controls. We also offer V-Series Contura Rotary Switches, designed for maximum performance, reliability and with features from the V-Series Contura Rocker Switches.

Slide Switches

Our range of miniature and sub-miniature Slide Switches offer a variety of ratings, circuits, contact materials and terminal plating. These slide switches are available sealed and unsealed, non-illuminated, in 1 or 2 pole, UL and CSA approved and with a variety of mounting options including PC-mount.

Control Switches

We offer a variety of configurable dashboard Control Switches that are designed for commercial vehicles, including a lamp dimmer, mirror rotation, and wiper/washer switches. When used together, our control switches provide a solution to most dashboard control needs within the transportation industry.

Combination Switches

Our Combination Switches offer the versatility of combining performance with maximum space utilisation. These switches have a one-cutout, easy to install design and reduce the number of components that need to be managed and stocked, which make our combination switches a cost effective solution for a variety of commercial vehicles.

Digital Switching

We offer a range of CAN-based, SAE J1939 compatible Digital Switching products, including a load controller, a variety of keypads, rotary encoder switches and a display controller, which enable the simple integration of multiple digital switching systems in commercial vehicles.

Battery Disconnect Switches

Our range of IP67 sealed Battery Disconnect Switches are designed to minimise battery drain and ensure maintenance personnel safety. The battery disconnect switches can also be used in conjunction with a padlock to provide vehicle theft protection.

USB Chargers for Commercial Vehicles

We offer automotive fast charging USB Chargers designed to charge mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, gaming devices, e-readers, as well as other compatible electronic devices. Our automotive USB chargers are designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions typically found in commercial vehicle applications.

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