Cable Storage Racking

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Techna offer an extensive range of Cable Storage Racking solutions suitable for virtually all cable storing needs, from modular storage racks for small reels from 200mm diameter, a 4 level high palletised drum storage rack to a modular vertical racking system up to 5.8m high and up to 10,000kg capacity per bay.

Modular Vertical Storage Racks

Our RF8 Series Modular Vertical Storage Racking provides a considerable saving on floor space compared to the traditional ground storage systems. With storage up to 5.8m high (5 levels), our racks feature a patented safety system to prevent drums coming out of position, allowing operators to work in complete safety. The RF8 modular racking system not only allows better use of space but also has other advantages:

For drums to UNI CEI 2-1:1988 sizes 06 to 25
Up to 5.8m high (5 storage levels) and length as required due to modular design
Drums are fitted on an axle with locking cone and on supports, allowing high speed unwinding with our Payoffs
As standard all racks are supplied with 7,000kg (10,000kg on request) per bay, Test Certified under maximum working conditions (using our Take-Ups with pull capacity varying from 15 to 86kg/M)
Available accessories include, Forklift Adaptors for loading / unloading and Markers for rows, bays and levels

Modular Storage Racks (for RS-14 Rollers / Unwinders)

Our BF Series Modular Storage Racks are designed to hold our RS-14 Rollers / Unwinders and are available in four different heights from 2 levels to 5 levels. Our RS-14 rollers / unwinders have adjustable nylon rollers with ball bearings and can hold reels from 200mm diameter up to 400mm diameter. The BF modular storage racking provides:

Storage for RS-14 Rollers / Unwinders
Painted steel racking frame
Rack height sizes of 508mm (2 levels), 940mm (3 levels), 1372mm (4 levels) and 1804mm (5 levels)

Palletised Drum Storage Racks (for PT-13 Reel Pallets)

Our RS85-45 Series Palletised Drum Storage Racks are 4 levels high and are designed for holding two of our PT-13 Reel Pallets per level. Our PT-13 reel pallets allow the handling and storage of drums from 600mm up to 1250mm diameter. The RS85-45 palletised drum storage racking provides:

Storage bay width that holds 2 x PT-13 Reel Pallets per level
Rack size of 1800mmW x 4500mmH (4 levels)
6,100kg maximum carrying capacity, uniformly shared between the levels of each bay

Vertical Storage Racks (for Coils, Reels and TRONIC Series)

Our SU Series Vertical Storage Racks are suitable for storing the TRONIC range of anti-tangle cassettes, coils and reels up to 700mm diameter. A special version for coils and reels up to 1000mm diameter is available only on request. The SU vertical storage racking provides:

Painted steel racking frame
1830mmW x 2100mmH modular extension units
Hinged arms for ease of loading and unloading
Unwinding plates complete with brakes (adjustable by hand)
Optional CM-15 Measuring Device

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