Cable Installation

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Techna offers a range of user friendly solutions for cable storage and installation.
For cable storage, Techna offers Tronic Anti-Tangle Systems. With TRONIC Anti-Tangle Systems it is possible to simply lay down the cassette anywhere and pull off the required cable. The cable is coiled under a pressure plate and cannot become tangled inside the cassette.
For cable insertion and recovery, Techna also offers the LANCORD Nylon Rod Shooter.
The LANCORD Nylon Rod Shooter can be fitted to virtually any corded or cordless electric drill and incorporates a 20 metre, steel wire reinforced, nylon rod which can be shot into or pulled out of conduits, with a maximum pull of 25kg.
The cable is attached to the nylon rod and pulled through the conduit quickly, cleanly and efficiently, providing fast cable installation, with clear cost savings.
Because the LANCORD is held away from the hole in the wall, operators can work in complete safety, avoiding the usual cuts, scratches and abrasions associated with feeding cable by hand. Operators can access conduits at virtually all levels from floor to ceiling.
LANCORD is built in light alloy and has an automatic winding box for the nylon rod.
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