Push Buttons and Switches Accessories

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Techna offers a wide range of accessories for the Ptec Series of push buttons, key selectors, emergency stop buttons and selector switches. Our Ptec accessories include normally open and normally closed contact blocks, a variety of legend plates for use with 22.5mm actuators, a spare key set for our key selector switches, empty plastic enclosures for up to three 22.5mm actuators and emergency stop plates.

Contact Blocks

We offer Ptec Contact Blocks to be used with our range of Ptec push buttons and switches to further enhance functionality. Our PtecNO normally open or PtecNC normally closed contact blocks are interchangeable and can be stacked without additional hardware.

Legend Plates

We offer a variety of Ptec Legend Plates that are suitable for use with 22.5mm actuators, including our Ptec and PtecMet range of push buttons and switches as well as our LEDtec LED Indicator Pilot Lights. Our legend plates are 30mm x 40mm and are available in many different prints.

Emergency Stop Plates and Rings

The PtecEStopPlate are plastic plates with ‘Emergency Stop’ printed on them. These plates are mounted on our PtecMush or PtecMetMush range of emergency stop buttons and are available in 60mm or 90mm diameter.

We also offer the PtecEStopRing which are plastic protection rings suitable for use with our PtecMush and PtecMetMush emergency stop buttons. These protection rings are available in 40mm or 60mm diameter.

Empty Enclosures

We offer PtecENC Series Enclosures which are empty plastic enclosures for one, two, or three 22.5mm actuators. These empty enclosures are available in yellow and are suitable for use with our range of Ptec and PtecMet push buttons and switches.

Spare Keys

We can supply the PtecKeySet, which is a set of two spare keys suitable for our PtecK and PtecMetK range of key selector switches. This spare key set is also available for our PtecMushK40 and PtecMetMushK40 40mm emergency stop buttons with a key release.

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