Air Wipes

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Effective removal of water or other cooling agents from extruded wire is essential to ensure proper processing, testing, inspection, printing and packaging downstream.
Our air wipes provide a robust, cost effective, low energy solution to the problem of drying materials.
How They Work:
Standard air wipes rely on high pressure and large volumes of air to affect drying. Techna's air wipes utilise a patented design matched to wire diameter that allows compressed air to rapidly expand to atmospheric pressure, in the process accelerating a thin layer of air around the wire to almost the speed of sound. This release of kinetic energy provides far more efficiency than systems that rely on high air volumes to dry product.
Two designs are offered by Techna. These are:
Monoblock Air Wipe Design:
Designed for use primarily with bare wires the monoblock model incorporates a replaceable cylindrical alumina ceramic insert pressed into a polymer mounting block and sealed with O-rings. Monoblock models are available for use with wire up to 10.16mm (0.4") diameter.
Clamshell Air Wipe Design:
The clamshell design of our larger models is perfect for insulated wire or cable and opens to allow welds or extrusion bulges to pass through. Replaceable alumina ceramic inserts line the wire path and are surrounded by a tough polymer housing with a robust integral hinge mechanism. All standard fasteners, springs and hinge pins are stainless steel.
Units are supplied with their own air filter regulator including gauge and drain to enable easy set up and monitoring.
Clamshell models are available for use with materials up to 114.3mm (4.5") in diameter.
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