Shaft Clamping System (Easylock)

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The Uhing Easylock® provides positive engagement to the shaft (i.e. the spool is engaged to and will rotate with) allowing tension to be introduced into the spooled material. These shaft clamping systems have one fixed pintle (cone) and one removable tensioning pintle (cone), providing a clamping system for use on smooth hardened shafts for spool applications requiring positive drive engagement to the shaft.

As the roll or spool is held firmly between the fixed pintle and the clamping pintle, braking moments can be transmitted from the shaft to the roll or spool. The machine can thus be quickly stopped if a malfunction occurs. Similarly, acceleration moments are also transmitted to the spool which can ensure no material breaks or tears occur due to excessive tension when accelerating driven payoffs.

Uhing Easylock® Features

Suitable for shaft diameters from 10mm to 40mm
Pintles (cones) available to suit bore of 13mm to 158mm
5000N maximum clamping force
Shortest possible changeover times
Suitable for static applications, for example, packaging, winding, driven shaft and tensioning of spools and rolls
Modular system ensures simple adaptation to the task at hand
No tools required
Single handed operation
High tensioning forces on a plain round greaseless shaft
Suitable for use with driven shafts
Simple transmission of braking moments to the roll or spool, emergency stop secure
Compact, symmetrical design
Maintenance free
Resistant to vibration

Optional Positive Release

If the Easylock is locked against a spool with the tensioning wheel fully turned back, then removal could be difficult if the spool expands during winding.

With the positive release option, the Easylock does not grip the shaft until you have turned the tensioning wheel forward. This ensures you always have space to unwind the tensioning wheel in cases where the spool expands.

The positive release option is available for shaft diameters from 22mm to 40mm.

For more information on our Uhing Easylock®, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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