Shaft Clamping System (Easylock)

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The Uhing Easylock® System is characterized by ease of handling and its clamping/tensioning function on smooth shafts.

The result is rapid roll changing combined with high but sensitively applied retaining pressures for spools and rolls of flexible width, with varying core diameters in a modular system suitable for a variety of applications. Its main component parts are a fixed pintle and a clamping section comprising a tensioning unit and an interchangeable pintle point.

The function is a clamping ring which is located in the tensioning unit and which is brought into pressure contact with the shaft. The greater the tensioning force selected by the user, the greater is the clamping effect of the ring.

The spool or roll is retained and fixed by pushing the tensioning unit up against it and turning the tensioning wheel until the required clamping force has been achieved. To release, the clamping force is cancelled via the tensioning wheel and the clamping pintle is pulled off the shaft.

Also suitable for driven shafts.
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