Rolling Ring Linear Drive Nuts

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Uhing linear drive nuts are non-positive drives which convert the rotation of a plain shaft into linear motion. In contrast to Techna traverse drives, the rolling rings are not arranged to swivel but are fitted at a fixed angle of pitch, the speed being varied by adjusting the rotational speed of the shaft. Change of direction of linear movement is achieved by reversing the direction of rotation of the shaft.

Backlash-free with low noise and rolling-friction giving high efficiency, the units are available with combined drive and load carrier, optional quick release mechanism (enabling the unit to be manually positioned on the shaft. Furthermore the RS unit has a compact design, small space requirement and is intrinsically safe as it will slip when overloaded. Linear thrust can be multiplied by ganging-up several units together and as well as being available with a variety of pitches, left- and right-hand pitches running on the same shaft possible. Good sealing possibilities e.g. for use in dusty, dirty or humid environments are available. Wherever linear motion is required, the Uhing linear drive nut is a modern alternative to hydraulics and pneumatics, chain drives and lead screws.

Rolling ring linear drive nuts enable smooth backlash free linear motion on a plain ungrooved (no lead screw) reversible shaft.
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