Rolling Mills

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From complete production lines to individual component parts, Techna can supply Rolling Mills for the production of shaped, flat and round profile wires that can be used in multiple industrial applications, including automotive, transport, energy, utilities, medical engineering, construction and production technology.

Fully self-calibrating systems with integrated measurement and auto-adjusting rolls are available, giving repeatability and reducing the reliance on operator skill for quality product. Machine components are secured to a modular machine-bed which is fully contained to allow recycling of rolling lubricants and optional extraction systems can also be added to catch vaporised coolant.

Turnkey operation is standard, with state-of-the-art CNC controls, programming menus and process visualisation. A sliding control panel allows observation and control of the production at any point and interlocked safety fencing is also available if required.

Rolling Mill Stations

Each rolling mill design available from Techna can be offered with the basic configuration of undriven rolls and manual adjustment. Additional options are available for roll force measurement, lubrication systems, high-precision step motor control for roll position, wire guides and individual rotary drive on each roll. We can offer Rolling Mill Stations to produce virtually every type of wire profile, from flat to specially shaped wire.

Rolling Heads

Rolling Heads used in the rolling devices are available individually. These include a 4-Fold Profiling Head universally applicable to many kinds of profile wire, a 6-Fold Profiling Head for hexagonal wire or special profiles, a Ribbing Head for ribbing of reinforcement or pre-stressed steels, Reduction Heads for cross section reduction of round wires, a Rounding Head for rolling the edges on flat wires and a Turks Head for rolling rectangular or square profiles.


Our range of Spoolers offer high precision wire winding and can be used with a variety of spool designs and materials. The production of coreless coils is also possible with the use of an expanding mandrel. The line speeds can be up to 1,000m/min, reducing the payback period of the investment by allowing for high production volumes.

Wire Payoff Systems

We have a range of Wire Payoff Systems available to suit input spool type. We offer a horizontal Reel Payoff for reels up to 4,000kg, a horizontal Coil Payoff for wire diameter up to 32mm, a static vertical Coil Payoff for pulling off round wire from pallets, carriers or out of drums. We can also supply a rotating Coil for mounting wire carriers for wire diameter up to 16mm.

Other Components

We can also offer Drawing Machines for reducing the diameter of the incoming wires, Dancer Controls for the regulation of the wire tension between the rolling mills and Wire Measurement Systems for contact measurement using rolls for measuring the width and thickness of the wire.

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