Uhing Tension Control Dancer

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Techna offer the Uhing Tension Control, which is a dancer system that helps control line tension to improve the quality of wind onto a spool. The Uhing tension control system uses pulleys on a weighted carriage to smooth out tension variations and can be configured with a feedback loop to control the speed of the payoff and / or take-up spool, thus giving ultimate fine control of the line tension.

Uhing Tension Control Function

Tension variations occur when payoff and take-up spools are not perfectly synchronised, so using dancers are a simple but effective method of controlling the line tension when winding material onto a spool.

The Uhing Tension Control Dancer ensures a constant line tension by running the product through a series of pulleys mounted to a weighted carriage. Any acceleration in the take-up will cause the tension control carriage to move upwards to even the tension, whereas slower winding will cause the carriage to move down to avoid any slack.

The Uhing tension control system can be adjusted using several pulleys and larger weights to give the desired tension level. A position sensor can also be added to measure the carriage’s height which can then be used to control the speed of the motorised take-up in a feedback loop which ensures flawless winding.

The Uhing Tension Control Dancer can be used for round and flat material and further optional sensors can be incorporated to record the material speed, provide a length counter system, or line break alarm.

Uhing Tension Control Advantages

Consistent tension, with better quality of lay and reduced stress on the material from over-tension
Compact, robust and durable design, built with Uhing quality
Simple and easy adjustment
Maintenance free

For more information on our Uhing Tension Control Dancer System, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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