Isolators, Load Break Switches and Cam Switches

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Techna offers an extensive range of Isolating, Load Break and Cam Switches, suitable for control panels, distribution cabinets and virtually all industrial switching applications. Our range includes IP56/IP66 rated Outdoor Isolating Switches that are available up to 4 pole and 63A, Door Interlock Isolators that are IP65 rated at the front and available up to 8 pole and 125A and Rotary Cam Switches with current ratings of 16A to 125A.

Outdoor Isolating Switches

Our Outdoor Isolating Switches are a robust weather protected range of surface mounted switches suitable for virtually any external application. The enclosure sections are sealed with a one-piece weather seal gasket giving them an IP56/IP66 protection rating. Our outdoor isolating switches are available in 1 to 4 pole, with current ratings from 20A to 63A and come with either a grey fascia and handle or a yellow fascia with a red handle. These isolating switches also feature high moulded handle barriers to protect against accidental switching.

Door Interlock Isolators

We offer a range of Door Interlock Isolators which come complete with shaft and lockable handle and comply with the latest specifications for modern low voltage devices. These interlock isolators have outstanding electrical characteristics and a compact design which contributes to space saving installations, operational convenience, safety and reliability. Our door interlock isolators are IP65 rated at the front, IP20 at the rear and are available in 3 to 8 pole in current ratings from 25A to 125A.

Rotary Cam Switches

Our extensive range of Rotary Cam Switches are available with current ratings of 16A to 125A and can be supplied as on-off, main, changeover, motor starter, control, step, reversing, volt and ammeter, code, heating group or lighting switches, as well as a special switch for universal switching duties. As such, our entire range of rotary cam switches and disconnect switches are highly reliable and used in a wide array of panels, machinery and electrical equipment throughout the world.

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