Digital Switching

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Techna offer a range of CAN-based, LIN bus and SAE J1939 compatible Electronic Switching products, including a load controller, a variety of keypads, rotary encoder switches and a display controller, which enable the simple integration of multiple digital switching systems in commercial vehicles and marine applications.

Solid State Load Controllers

Our compact CLTM12-S Series Solid State Load Controllers feature 12 high-side outputs, 4 digital inputs, 3 discrete inputs, 2 address lines, and a CAN baud rate select line. These solid state load controllers provide fast, low-loss, solid state ON/OFF switching along with short circuit protection for each output, as well as load status and power diagnostics. Our CLTM12-S electronic control modules increase thermal efficiency by providing lower power dissipation and higher power-to-weight densities and also provides improved safety and reliability while reducing equipment downtime, operator workload, overall vehicle weight and wiring complexity.

Multiplexed Operator Control Modules

The VM-Series Multiplexed Operator Control Modules are ideal for construction, agriculture and commercial vehicles. These multiplex switches are rugged, sealed to IP68, can be used in open or closed cab environments and can connect to industry standard SAE J1939 CAN Bus protocol. Our VM-Series multiplex switches reduce the complexity and cost of traditional wire harnesses, increase product life and reliability and improve assembly efficiencies. Our multiplexed operator control modules have been developed in conjunction with the Contura® family of switches, providing the look and feel of our traditional rocker switches, but offering the benefits of a multiplexed product in either a 3 pod or 6 pod configuration.

CAN Bus Customisable Keypads

Our CKP-Series Customisable Keypads are compliant with SAE J1939 CAN standards and feature laser etched legends and up to three dimmable LED function lights per button, which also offer diagnostic feedback if there is a fault. These CAN bus customised keypads are sealed to an IP69 protection level and can be installed inside or outside the cab making it ideal for any ON/OFF highway application. Our CKP-Series keypads have a low profile design which gives a seamless dashboard look and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, they also offer significant advantages over traditional electromechanical switches, such as, 1,000,000 actuation cycles, reduced wire harnessing and easy installation.

Jog Switches

The CKJ-Series Jog Switches feature a joystick rotary encoder with push-to-select button and 5 customisable function buttons with dimmable lighting. This CAN J1939 compatible display controller is sealed to IP67 standards and can be configured in a variety of orientations providing simple installation and connectivity. Our CKJ-Series jog switch buttons allow for quick access to the five customisable functions with illumination options in white, green, yellow, blue and red. Typical applications include commercial vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and work trucks.

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