Interface Module Relays

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Techna offer a range of TtecIR Interface Module Relays that are a series of 1CO and 2CO electromechanical relays which use 1N4007 free-wheeling (flyback) diodes as a method of protecting the relay. These next generation of compact, fully enclosed IP20 interface module relays are suitable for a wide range of industries.

The TtecIR interface module relays are available with either a pluggable or a soldered relay type and are offered with coil voltages 24V, 100V, 230V AC and 12V, 24V DC. With 2, 4 or 8 channel options available, the modular design of our TtecIR series of interface relays can have custom configurations for up to 32 channels, which is achievable when using the optional TtecIMACC/IR/EXT Extension Cable.

By default, our TtecIR Series Interface Module Relays have pre-installed long tail jumpers, to enable quick creation of common negative circuits (common positive circuits can also be created). When these jumpers are not in use, they can be stored in the 'SPARE' slots.

Advantages of Interface Module Relays

Available with 1 or 2 changeover contacts
Fully enclosed IP20 protection rated design
Custom configurations up to 32 channels
Variety of operating voltages
True 10A performance
Ease of wire entry
Clearly visible status indicators
Free-wheeling (Flyback) Diode protection for DC coil
Pre-installed long tail jumpers (on the negative circuit by default)
Industry first long-life laser marking for circuit identification
Compact and secure mounting
Additional all-axis marking provision
Easy to replace pluggable relays
High quality standards and approvals

Interface Module Relays Accessories

We offer the TtecIMACC/IR/EXT Extension Cable, which is required to connect the interface relay modules together to achieve multiple configurations from 2 to 32 channels.

A large vertical, flush mounted area for marking is built into the TtecIR module. However, we can supply the TtecGMH8 Marker Holder for raised horizontal markings to provide all round increased visibility.

For more information on our TtecIR Series of Interface Module Relays, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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