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We have a full range of Witels Albert Spare Parts and Accessories available, including Straightening and Guide Rolls, that are suitable for most of our wire straighteners, guide roll assemblies and drive units. Please request full details for your particular model.

Wire Straightener Spare Parts and Accessories

We offer a range of spare parts and accessories for our RT Series and RTS Series of wire straighteners, including a cover plate, a guide block, adjusting screws, a positional counter display and a connecting bracket.

Replacement parts we can supply for the ER Series wire straighteners include a base plate, straightening rollers, an eccentric cam, section plates, a connection bracket and replacement bolts, nuts and screws.

The spare parts and accessories we offer for the RA Series wire straighteners include straightening rollers, cover discs, section plates, shafts, spindles and replacement rings, washers, pins and nuts.

Replacement Straightening Rolls

Our WR Series, WN Series and WK Series Straightening Rolls have been specifically designed to provide high-quality, consistent straightening. In contrast with lower quality rollers, the thick walled outer ring allows direct rolling on the outer surface along with a wide range of groove shapes and profiles.

We also offer a wide range of advanced straightening rolls, including the GB Series Roller and Axle Combination, the FT Series Quick Change Rollers and the NC Series and GC Series WICAS® Cartridge System, which are advanced solid sealed bearing rollers for harsh environments and exceptionally high loads.

Replacement Guide Rolls

Our replacement Guide Rolls are heavy duty ball-bearing based and suitable for a variety of processing needs. These guide rolls are available in three configurations, diameters from 20mm to 110mm and in hardened steel, Cromax steel or PETP plastic.

The SH Series Guide Rolls replace the repositionable rollers on our ZR SH Series Guide Roll Assemblies. These guide rolls are available in three configurations, diameters from 40mm to 110mm and in hardened steel, Cromax steel or PETP plastic.

Positional Counters

Our PO Series Positional Counters are available for the majority of wire straighteners and are used to record and set the position of the adjustable straightening rolls. They reduce set up time, improve repeatability and ensure consistent results with minimal operator intervention. They are available in two orientations for ease of reading.

Fixed and Adjustable Supports

We can also offer the FU Series Supports that are suitable for our range of wire straighteners and guide rolls. These fixed or adjustable supports are available in two different sizes.

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