Pintle Payoffs / Unwinders

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Techna offer a range of Pintle Payoffs / Unwinders, for cable and wire de-reeling and de-spooling, available in various sizes to handle drums up to 10,000kg capacity. Our CD series of pintle payoffs and unwinders are offered in many different configurations with various accessories available, including motor driven wheels, disc brakes with adjustable calipers and pivoted rear wheels.

CD Series Pintle Payoffs / Unwinders

The CD Series range of pintle payoffs and unwinders are available in four different sizes that cover drum diameters from 600mm to 2600mm with between 3,000kg to 10,000kg capacity. They come complete with the SE-1 electro-hydraulic lifting device.

The CD series have versions available that include the ER-CA-1 motor driven wheels, the FM-1-350 disc brakes with calipers and the RG-22 pivoted rear wheels. These accessories are also available separately. The CD series of pintle payoffs / unwinders provide:

Self-centering lifting pintle arms
SE-1 electro-hydraulic lifting device
Nylon wheels
Full range of accessories available

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