DIN-Rail Enclosures

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One of the world’s leading ranges of cutting-edge DIN-Rail Enclosures for housing all types of Instrumentation, Control, Safety, Datacom and Field-bus applications, including items specifically designed for incorporation into low voltage (LV) distribution systems.

Techna offer the widest available choice of module sizes, numbers and types of terminals (screw clamp, cage clamp, box, pcb) utilising integral and plug-in connection technology, with horizontal or vertical internal pcb mounting.

The range of DIN-Rail Enclosures are further enhanced by a vast selection of options such as slots, holes, printing, colours, coded inserts, blanking plugs/blocks, moulded over terminals, removable front plates, and internal or external bus connections (or combined).

In-Rail Bus Systems

The In-Rail Bus replaces the costly individual wiring by an uninterruptible and flexible system solution. The system is safely integrated in a standard 35mm Top Hat type DIN-Rail and the perfectly fitting carrier sections allow the use of standard DIN-Rails with a height of 7.5mm or 15mm.

The machine-solderable contact spring block has gold-plated contacts to ensure a permanent contact to the In-Rail bus. This prevents unwanted bus interruptions and high contact resistances and thus provides a maximal availability of your system.

Click here to download a pdf datasheet showing the various DIN-Rail Enclosure ranges.

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