Flange Detecting System

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The flange detecting system detects the position of flanges on spools, regardless of the spool used. After a spool change, the system automatically adjusts to the new spool position and, where necessary, the new spool shape. The flange detecting system was specially designed for application with pneumatically reversible rolling ring traverse drives.

A sensor detecting the flange is mounted on the traversing system. At a defined point between the flanges of the spool, the distance to the spool is measured and saved as reference for each layer. While the traversing system moves, the reference distance is continuously compared to the current measured value. A reversal is triggered as soon as the adjustable height deviation limit is exceeded. Such a height deviation occurs when the flange is detected or there is an accumulation of material on the spool. A display indicates either the current measured height or the permissible height deviation.
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