Motor Protection

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Due to their high breaking capacity and high current limitation, Techna’s AMS Motor Protectors, (formally known as Motec Motor Starters), provide optimum overload and short circuit protection for one to three phase electric motors with a current rating up to 32A and rated voltage up to 690 Vac. These Motor Protectors are also IE3 compliant and therefore suitable for the safe operation of high efficiency IE3 motors.

Our range of AMS Motor Protectors are 3 pole and equipped with integrated phase failure protection and ambient temperature compensation. They feature manual switching (START or STOP) of motors using the black and red push buttons located on the front of the device and have an adjustable thermal release via the front rotary control dial.

We can also offer a range of accessories for our motor protectors, including an IP55 rated Enclosure and a twist to release Emergency Stop Mushroom Button.

AMS Motor Protectors Technical Specification

IE3 Compliant: Yes
Number of Poles: 3
Current Range: 0.4A - 32A
Rated Voltage: 690 Vac
Frequency Range: 40 - 60Hz
Mechanical / Electrical Endurance: 100,000 Operating Cycles
Maximum Operations: 30 Hours
Ambient Operating Temperature: -5°C to 55°C
Mounting: DIN-Rail or Surface Mount
Degree of Protection: IP20 (Motor Starter only), maximum IP55 (Motor Starter in Enclosure)
Standards: EN 60947

For more information on our AMS Series of Motor Protectors, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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