Relay Accessories

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Techna offer a range of relay accessories for our RelayH Industrial Relays, RelayMH Miniature Industrial Relays and RelayM Miniature Relays, including plug-in Relay Sockets to allow DIN-rail mounting and LED Modules for limiting overvoltage.

For our RelayM Miniature Relays, we also supply Retaining Clips for securing the relay to the relay socket and Description Plates for labelling the relay sockets.

Relay Sockets

We offer plug-in Relay Sockets to enable our range of PCB mountable Industrial Relays, Miniature Industrial Relays and Miniature Relays to be mounted onto a DIN-rail. Our industrial and miniature relays simply plug into the socket to convert them from PCB mount to DIN-rail mount.

LED Modules (for Relay Sockets)

We supply signalling and protecting LED Modules for our Relay Sockets, that offer protection by limiting overvoltage on our DC coils from 6V to 24Vdc and our AC/DC coils from 6V to 240Vac/dc. Our relay socket modules have a green LED to provide visual indication to when the coil is energising.

Retaining Clip (for RelayM Socket)

If our RelayM Miniature Relays are to be used with the plug-in RelayM Relay Sockets to enable DIN-rail mounting, a Retaining Clip must be used to securely hold the relay in place. The RelayM-RetainingClip simply clips to the RelayM relay socket and then clamps down onto the miniature relay.

Description Plate (for RelayM Socket)

We also offer a Description Plate for when our RelayM Miniature Relays are being used with a Relay Socket. The RelayM-DescriptionPlate attaches to the RelayM relay socket to allow the relay assembly to be labelled for easy identification.

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