Door Interlock Isolators

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Techna’s range of Isotec Door Interlock Isolators come complete with shaft and handle and comply with the latest specifications for modern low voltage devices.

Our door interlock isolators have outstanding electrical characteristics and a compact design which contributes to space saving installations, operational convenience, safety and reliability.

The interlock uses a polyamide glass filled material which has excellent insulation tracking resistance (CTI) to prevent flashover between phases in the most severe conditions. The special contact design and configuration makes the interlock able to withstand high short circuit currents.

Isotec Door Interlock Isolator Features

Complete door interlock isolator with shaft and red / yellow lockable handle
Available in 3 pole (standard) to 8 pole, with 25A to 125A current ratings
Open terminals for easy access with captive terminal screws
IP65 rated at the front, IP20 rated at the rear (finger protection with touch proof terminals)
Double break contacts, with add-on main, neutral or auxiliary contact blocks which can be mounted on both sides
Excellent switching and high short circuit capacity
Easy installation with 2 hole rear mounting or snap mounting on DIN EN50022 Rail (35mm) and operable from front (door) which is coupled with door mechanism
Padlock and door interlocking facility with a maximum of 3 padlocks
Adjustable mounting by cutting the metal shaft to appropriate length, to suit panel depth

Isotec Door Interlock Isolator Accessories (for Rear Mounting Switches)

Auxiliary Contact Modules

NO and NC contacts used to trigger any auxiliary circuits
Can be fitted on either side of the interlock

Isotec Mpole (Additional Switched Main Pole Module)

For switching action of additional pole, when mounted with the switch. The additional pole on either side of the switch can be used to switch on any single phase requirements
Electrical rating equivalent to main pole
Used as 4th or 5th pole on either side of the interlock

Isotec Npole (Early Make / Late Break Neutral Contact Module)

Used as a neutral conductor to the switch
Early make and late break contact
Can be fitted on either side of the interlock

Click here to download the pdf datasheet on our Isotec Door Interlock Isolators.

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