Techna RtecX3 10kA RCBOs

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£23.84 - £87.26 inc. VAT
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Techna RtecX3 10kA RCBOs
• 2 or 4 Pole 10kA RCBOs
• Residual Current Sensitivity of 30, 100, 300 or 500mA
• Current Ratings from 6 to 40A
• Trip Curves B or C
• LV Versions available for 110V systems

The RtecX3 range provides combined residual current (earth leak) protection and overload/short circuit protection in a single device and can be used to replace an RCD/MCB combination. Rtec features dual pole switching (live and neutral disconnect) and provides protection against pulsating dc current leakage.

The RtecX3 range is also available in an LV version designed to be used on 110V systems. Inbuilt test button operates at rated voltage.

    2 Reviews

  • Posted by Tim Sage on 30th Oct 2020


    Rtec X3 2C40-030 C curve 40Amps

    Lower amperage (Rtec X3 2C20-030) incorrectly installed with Pod Point charging unit. I had been content with this for the PHEV but for all-electric vehicle needed the greater amperage - cabling and consumer unit fuse and were appropriately rate for 40amps!

  • Posted by Anthony Hibling on 24th Sep 2020



    Very satisfied with prompt delivery