Angled Spring Clamp Terminal for 4mm² wire, (TtecAS4)

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Angled Spring Clamp Terminal for 4mm² wire
TtecAS4 is an Angular Terminal Block that is suitable for 0.2 – 4.0mm2 wires.

These Terminal Blocks are an ideal choice for compact junction boxes having limitations of space and height. These terminals are also used for underfloor wiring systems.

A major advantage of Angular Terminal Blocks over the top wire entry Terminal Blocks is that their profile remains the same across the entire range of Feed Through, Multiple Connection, Ground and Ground Multiple Connection Terminal Blocks.

The other advantages include: Angular entry of wires saves conductor length, marking / identification facility on the centre (top) of the block and Multiplication of connections through bridging.

Extra Information

Downloadable pdf datasheets:
Terminal Colour:
Terminal Type:
Spring Clamp
IEC Current Rating:
32 A
Wire Size (mm²):
0.2 - 4.0mm²
Number of Connections:
Number of Levels:
UL Current Rating:
35 A
Wire Size (AWG):
22 - 10 AWG