Techna Atec Air Circuit Breakers

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Techna Atec Air Circuit Breakers
• Atec ACBs available in 3 model sizes
• Current Ratings from 630A to 6300A
• Available in 3 or 4 Pole
• Fixed or Withdrawable design options
• Can be configured to include accessories such as Shunt Trips, Undervoltage Releases and Motor Drives

Techna's high performance Atec Air Circuit Breakers provide protection and switching for electrical equipment from 630A to 6300A. With 3 different model sizes, the Atec ACBs are available as a Fixed or Withdrawable design.

Atec ACBs can be configured to feature a wide range of accessories, such as Switches, Undervoltage Releases, Shunt Trips, Hand and Motor Drives, Covers and Connecting Sets. They can therefore be customised for use in complex installations and operations.

** Due to the extensive configurations available, please contact us to find the most suited breaker for your requirements **

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