Techna reduces Carbon Footprint

Techna reduces Carbon Footprint

Published by Darren King on 5th Mar 2021

Techna are very proud to have reduced our carbon footprint and energy usage by 2.1 tonnes CO2e per year. As a business that cares about the impact we have on the environment, we received a Low Carbon Workspaces grant to help us achieve our energy improvements by installing: 

  • LED Lighting
  • Heat Exchanger Recovery System
  • Sensor Lights

  • How Techna's energy savings were calculated?

    The reduction in lighting usage achieved through our project was calculated by multiplying the difference in wattage between the existing lighting and the replacement LED lighting by hours of operation, on an area by area basis. 

    The reduction in heating usage was calculated by multiplying the existing heating demand by the efficiency saving of the heat exchanger. 

    The energy saving was converted to a greenhouse gas emission saving using the carbon conversion figure for UK grid supplied electricity, as published by the Government at the date of project installation (December, 2020).