Wire Straightener

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Our specialist wire straightener products are manufactured and engineered by Witels Albert offering German innovation, precision and quality for straightening wire, tube, strip & bar.
Techna’s Witels Albert range offers a solution for nearly every scenario where you need to straighten wire:
Multi-plane wire straighteners with 3 to 13 straightening rolls per plane, with options for individual straightening roll adjustment, quick release mechanisms and position counters for easy repeatability. Standard products are fitted with V groove straightening rolls to accommodate a range of wire sizes but can also be supplied with customised straightening rolls, featuring radius or rectangular grooves, suitable for straightening tube, bar and strip.
The standard range provides a solution for small wires less than 0.3mm through to bar and tube diameter 30mm. In addition to in process straighteners which can be integrated into a machine or production line, we also offer handheld wire straightening tools and can even supply customised large rod straightening machines for applications such as coil bending.
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