Double Level Spring Clamp Terminal for 2.5mm² wire

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Double Level Spring Clamp Terminal for 2.5mm² wire
TtecCXDL2.5 is a compact double level Spring Clamp Terminal Block, suitable for 2.5mm2 wire. This Terminal Block is used in high density wiring applications. Interconnections / shorting is possible at both levels.
TtecCX series Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks are the next generation of compact terminals. These series of Terminal Blocks have an improved 1000 V rating as per IEC guidelines. The new TtecCX series terminals have a much wider range for wire terminations.
The wire is held directly against the copper current bar by pre stressed spring clamps.
Cross connection of these Terminal Blocks can be done using insulated push in jumpers available in 2, 3, 4 and 10 pole configurations.

Extra Information

Downloadable pdf datasheets:
Terminal Colour:
Terminal Type:
Spring Clamp
IEC Current Rating:
24 A
Wire Size (mm²):
0.2 - 2.5mm²
Number of Connections:
Number of Levels:
UL Current Rating:
20 A
Wire Size (AWG):
24 - 12 AWG
Downloadable CAD models: