Ttec shorting link type JX4

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Ttec shorting link type JX4
The shorting systems bridge potentials between terminal blocks, reducing wiring time. Adjacent blocks or selective terminal blocks within an assembly can be easily interconnected, leaving terminal clamps free for wiring.

TtecJX4 is an insulated push-in shorting link that fits the following terminals:
TtecCX4, TtecCX4/3, TtecCX4/4, TtecCXG4, TtecCXG4/3, TtecCXG4/4, TtecCXF4, TtecCXVF, TtecCXVF2.5, TtecCXF4/3, TtecCXAF4/3, TtecCXK4, TtecCXK4/3, TtecCXS4, TtecCXSG4, TtecCXCC4, TtecCP4, TtecCP4/3, TtecCP4/4, TtecCPG4, TtecCPG4/3 & TtecCPG4/4.

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