Industrial Contactors

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Techna offer a wide range of Industrial Contactors suitable for all contactor needs. Our Ktec contactors can be combined with our Otec Thermal Overload Relays to provide a complete and exceptionally cost-effective solution, meeting all your switching requirements up to 315 kW / 600A, with TUV (EN 60947-4-1), UL and CSA Certification for use across Europe, USA and Canada.

What are Industrial Contactors?

Our Ktec Series of Industrial Contactors are electrically controlled switching devices (industrial relays) that are designed for switching electrical power circuits on and off in applications that require a large amount of current to be switched. Our Ktec contactors are rated for frequent switching and long-life cycles, in excess of one million switching operations and are further rated for switching both AC1 (resistive) and AC3 (inductive / motor) loads.

The Ktec range of industrial contactors use an advanced contact design which increases the contact surface area, therefore product life and reliability is greatly enhanced. They are available in 3 or 4 pole with AC or DC coils in a wide variety of sizes, with AC coil AC3 current ratings from 6A to 660A and DC coil AC3 current ratings from 7A to 24A. Standard stock AC coil voltages are 24, 48, 110/120, 220/240 and 440V with other voltages available to order.

We also supply a wide range of Thermal Overload Relays suitable for attaching to our contactors to provide reliable protection against thermal overloads.

Contactor Accessories

We offer a range of accessories for our Ktec contactors, such as, coil suppressor modules for coils up to 240Vac, mechanical interlocks and auxiliary contact blocks with either front (top) or side clip-on mounting.

For more information on our Ktec range of Industrial Contactors, click here to download a pdf datasheet.

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